When in Austin this weekend I had the opportunity to meet with designer Emily Hallman, so I took a little trip out to her studio to check out her current and upcoming collections! I had already known about her via social media and had already looked at what she has available online, but I was anxious to meet her and pick her brain a bit.

To say I was completely blown away is an understatement – she makes each piece by hand, and uses only the highest quality fabrics combined with feminine, sleek silhouettes. Each order is custom, so you’ll be sure to get the exact fit you want. Below are some pictures from my visit, but be sure to check out each piece in her current collection on her website!

The Spring and Fall Collections by Emily Hallman.

A close up of the beautiful colors and fabrics in her Spring & Fall collections.

These two jackets aren’t finished yet, but I LOVE the white with navy stitching! Look for them on her website in the next month or two!

Emily (in a dress of her own design), showing me where the magic happens.

Emily’s sketches and fabrics for upcoming holiday pieces!


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