Don’t recognize the name? Not surprising.

Noritaka Tatehana is only known for his threateningly tall, and immensely bizarre shoes, seen only on the infamous Lady Gaga (whom we love so dearly). Most of them heel/soleless, they look terribly uncomfortable and we don’t understand how anyone can walk in them. You must have killer toe strength to pull off these babies (oh… and not fall flat on your face).

As I was checking out the website, I was looking for price points and only found two things out: 1) that the shoes start at $4,100 US dollars and 2) the “exclusive items” are “one and only art pieces” that are price upon request, like the shoes below. Has anyone ever inquired about them? I want to know how much they cost (I would never wear them but the curiosity is killing me)!!

ridiculous. See below for some of the exclusive/art form shoes. Click on the shoes for more information!


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