I’ve been in a bit of a denim rut lately, because full disclosure, only a few of my jeans fit me right now!!! I’ve been wearing the same pairs of black and blue skinny jeans on repeat for what feels like months now. All of the cute straight leg and non-stretch denim styles I own are just too snug at the moment, but I am getting bored wearing the same skinny jeans every single day! Since I’m taking the intuitive eating approach vs doing a restrictive diet like I used to, I likely will not lose the weight I’ve gained during the pandemic/holiday season very quickly. I’ll share more about how that’s going soon, but basically I’m just trying to listen to my body, eat when I’m hungry and not overeat when I do! On my yo-yo diet cycle I would eat really healthy and be very restrictive, mostly eating veggies and fruits, then when I had access to the stuff I was restricting (carbs, desserts, etc) I would overeat and feel guilty. With intuitive eating I’m allowing myself to eat all kinds of foods so that there’s no pull to overeat since nothing is forbidden or cut out. I’m a work in progress, so this change is not going to happen perfectly over night… but I’m trying!! So all of that to say, I didn’t want to wait for if I lose the weight to buy myself a new pair of jeans… and I’m so glad I didn’t! Variety is the spice of life, is it not?

I knew I’d love this pair before it even arrived in the mail, because I actually have this exact denim style in black and in classic blue! It’s one of my favorite fits and is very comfortable. I love the subtle distressed details like the scuff on the hem, and the wash is a lighter blue without being too washed out – it’s the perfect worn in look. These jeans are slightly cropped and hit me right above the ankle – any shorter and I think they’d be too short on me (I’m 5’9!), but they’re the ideal length for wearing with sneakers and flats.

Another item I purchased when I ordered these jeans is this ruffle trim sweatshirt! It’s under $100, so comfy and cute. It’s slightly cropped, but I like the length. It’s long enough to tuck in a bit in the front, which is all I need. The fit is slightly boxy and oversized, so I went with a small! This sweatshirt also comes in beige, but the white is definitely going to be most useful for me. All of my sneakers have a little white on them, so it’ll be a good everyday go-to for my casual outfits!


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