Oh my gosh, you guys, this weekend was AMAZING! I did absolutely nothing, which I really, really needed. I made zero plans, watched a lot of TV and played with Reeses! One exciting thing did happen over the weekend though… my bedroom rug finally got delivered. My bedroom drapes get installed this Saturday, so after that, the last thing I really need to find is a pair of bedside tables! Today I have Two Men and a Truck coming over to place the rug (my bed is HEAVY, so definitely need the professionals) and I can’t wait to see it in the space! In addition to moving, you can also hire them to do furniture rearranging. I’ve used them a bunch! Highly recommend.

Another thing I decided on for my house is that I’d like to do pet-friendly turf in my backyard! With the backyard as is, Reeses tracks in mud and/or wet paw prints every time we go outside – it would be SO nice to not worry about her getting dirty every time I take her out to go potty or play. I recently spoke with several friends who have kids and/or dogs that raved about their turf, so yesterday I reached out to a few local companies to get quotes. I just figured I should get it done before all of my new living room furniture arrives! I doubt I’ll be getting any of those deliveries until at least mid-January, but want to get a head start. Definitely don’t want those getting dirty! I’ll keep y’all posted on which company I go with + any other house updates I have for you… stay tuned!


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