Today is sort of an exciting day at our house! I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I’ve signed Reeses up for Bevill Dog Behavior‘s boot camp this October. While I had some success with a local trainer right after I got Reeses, I knew I wanted to sign her up for something a little more heavy duty once she got bigger/older. I’d heard great things about Bevill from a few friends and followers alike, and scheduled a meeting with Brad (the owner) to find out more in early June.

Bevill Dog Behavior does 4-5 week boot camps where the dogs are exposed to several different trainers and a variety of other dogs. The training focuses on things like hyperactivity, anxiety, socialization, jumping, barking, pulling, etc! Bevill’s goal is to give you back a calm, balanced dog at the end of the training – they also work closely with the owners to train them on how to be the best they can be! One great thing to note is that once a dog complete’s Bevill’s boot camp, you can board that dog with Bevill whenever you travel. They will maintain consistent training while your dog is boarded, so you don’t have to worry about your dog losing what they learned while you’re gone!

Anyway, the owner, Brad, is coming over for a two hour session today. Because October is a few months away, we’re going to go over some initial things Reeses and I can begin working on in preparation for the month-long bootcamp! Wish us luck! Click here to learn more about Bevill Dog Behavior and follow them on Instagram here.


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