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Things are a bit crazy around here! I had planned to work quite a bit over the weekend, but ended up having fun instead. I don’t regret it, but I will say I had a touch of anxiety yesterday when examining everything on my to-do list! Luckily I spent the entire day on my computer yesterday and caught up on collages. I’m nearly finished with this week’s blog content (hooray!), but I still have the Holiday Capsule Wardrobe I need to finish. I’m only about half way through, and once I complete the collages I’ve gotta organize it all in InDesign and link every image and text item. It’s tedious, but worth it!

Tonight I’m grabbing dinner with Grace and Becca (of Bad on Paper!), tomorrow I’m doing the Bad on Paper Live Show at House of Blues, Thursday I have drinks with a friend, and then this weekend is SMU Homecoming and my 10 year college reunion! I’m also hosting a Friendsgiving on Sunday, then going to dinner with two other friends on Monday….and then next Thursday I’m off to New York! Needless to say the holiday season is officially here and it is very evident in both my social and editorial calendar.

Speaking of the holiday season, don’t miss this week’s TuesdayTen over on my InstaStories today – LOTS of gorgeous pieces for holiday parties! I’ll be linking it on THE SHOP later today too, so check back there if you aren’t on Instagram!


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