It’s been a while since I shared an update on my fitness routine (aside from my Dallas spin class reviews!), so I thought I’d do that today! If you can believe it, I’m on week 78 of BBG! This puts me at BBG 7.0 on the Sweat App. I started doing the BBG program over three years ago and it totally changed the game for my workout routine. I used the e-booklet for a couple of years before finally downloading and paying for the app, which is why I’m only now at week 78 haha! It’s such an effective workout that you can do practically anywhere in just 30 minutes, which has made it ideal for my on-the-go lifestyle.

Depending on how I’m eating at any given time, my weight still fluctuates and while you can’t always see the results, I’m still in the best shape of my life! Regardless of how I’m eating, BBG is a workout I’ve been able to stick with – I never skip a resistance workout! You can see some of my progress photos here, but I definitely looked my best when I took these photos – I’d been eating really healthy (lots of salads!) and wasn’t traveling much that winter which allowed me to fully commit to working out six days a week! Needless to say, both diet and fitness matter when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

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In addition to doing the BBG resistance workouts in the Sweat App three times a week, I also go on 3-4 walks a week (usually 45 minutes to an hour) to satisfy BBG’s LISS suggestion. As I’ve mentioned in previous BBG posts, LISS stands for Low Intensity Steady State – these walks aren’t required, but are suggested! While it doesn’t sound like much, those walks really do make a difference for me personally. I usually go on the walks immediately following my three BBG resistance workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and one on the weekend.

On the days I’m not doing BBG (Tuesday and Thursday), I go to spin class! I’ll occasionally take a spin class during the weekend too. In winter of last year I took a break from spin and started going to OrangeTheory, but have since returned to spin at the end of the summer. While I really loved OrangeTheory, I think spin is a better workout to pair with my BBG resistance workouts. OrangeTheory is a high intensity resistance workout like BBG, so doing that five times a week was exhausting. I was sore nearly every day, and found myself having to modify BBG more because OrangeTheory would wear out certain muscles I needed for BBG the next day. I also noticed my hips/saddlebags became more pronounced after switching to OrangeTheory. OrangeTheory is a full body workout and is a different format each time, focusing on different muscles and body parts, whereas spin targets your butt and legs most (with core activation, of course). Doing spin over the years has really helped target that area, which I’ve realized is very important to me!

Finally, I always have one rest day which is usually Saturday or Sunday. If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll go on a LISS walk!

PS: A big thank you to Lauren, the sweet store manager at Lululemon on Knox Street in Dallas for reaching out and gifting me this outfit!


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