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the edit


Wanda Nylon Coated Trench Coat | The Style Scribe

There’s something very 70’s about this week’s EDIT, and I’m now thinking it may have been inspired by the fashion and interior styles from the show I just finished: MINDHUNTER. Has anyone else watched it?! It is SO good. I’ve always been a big fan of true crime: TV shows, books, and more recently podcasts. I’m fascinated by it, but even more so by the minds behind it… which is why MINDHUNTER was so appealing. It’s basically about the start of the Behavioral Analysis Unit in the FBI and how they first began profiling serial killers and other dangerous criminals. It’s amazing!

I also finished The Crown this week, and have now started Manhunt which is about the UNABOMBER. Would love to hear of any other new TV shows I need to check out! One that people suggested a lot on SnapChat is Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – perhaps I’ll need a little comic relief after I finish Manhunt…


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