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Nannacay Baby Roge Bag, The Edit | The Style Scribe

Today I’m meeting with the marble fabricator to select how the marble slabs will be placed in my master bathroom at the new house! The trim guys are also at the house this week installing shelving in my closet and office. Things are really coming along! I’ve been doing a lot of work on my end to get things ready, like creating a budgeted list in Excel that helps me plan out what furniture and items I still need to buy, their priority level, etc. Because I’ll want all of the ceiling fixtures installed before I move in, I went ahead and ordered all of the chandeliers and flush mounts I’ll be using throughout the house. One of my favorite pieces has actually ended up being one of the least expensive! This flushmount is going in my closet, and it is absolutely gorgeous in person. It’s only $179, which is a STEAL compared to some of the other fixtures I’m investing in. Really pumped about that find!

I’ve also already purchased my coffee table, lamps for my master bedroom (sold out, but look similar to these), and I am using my old desk for my office. I’ll be taking using a mirrored side table, antique mirror, a bed and a chest from the townhouse I’m in currently, but other than that I’ll be buying all new stuff! It’s going to be a long process, since I obviously can’t buy everything all at once. I’ll be getting my living room couch, chairs and my master bedroom headboard made, but hopefully that won’t take too long. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together! Don’t forget to follow along on SnapChat or Instastories where I’m sharing timely updates every week!


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