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After arriving in Dallas late afternoon yesterday, this morning I’m hopping on the Von Lane bus to Austin for Thanksgiving! While I would normally drive, I figured with the jet lag from Hong Kong it probably wouldn’t be worth the risk. If you’ve never taken the Von Lane bus before and you live in Austin, Dallas or Houston, DO IT! It’s like flying first class, but on a bus. Comfy seats, free WiFi (that actually works!!), awesome free snacks and top shelf liquor, TV, etc. The service is great too! If you hate flying or need to get work done on your way, Von Lane is the way to go. This is not sponsored – I’m literally just obsessed with it!

Since I didn’t have time to take any of my clothes to the dry cleaner or do any laundry before the bus this morning, I’ll be taking some outfits like this one home for Thanksgiving weekend. I didn’t bring any of my button-downs with me, so at least I know those are clean and can be layered under jackets, trenches and vests! There are also a few sweaters I didn’t end up wearing over in Asia that I’ve repacked for Austin. Here are a few of the items I’ll be taking with me:


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