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I promise I’m not ready for winter yet, although this week’s EDIT might have you thinking otherwise. I really can’t help myself when I’m scrolling through all the fabulous new fall/winter arrivals at my favorite stores, so I apologize for the onslaught of cold-weather clothing in this EDIT.

I will say it’s nice to be away from the Texas heat. There’s a reason people get vacation homes in Carmel or Nantucket- it’s just too damn hot to be here in and around August! I never had considered this before, but London is actually level with the middle part of Canada. Because it’s somewhat coastal, it doesn’t snow, but it does rain and it can be quite chilly this time of year. In August, the average temp is in the 60’s. It’s kind of like Carmel, actually! Don’t miss my extensive city guide on Carmel here

With that in mind, I packed so. many. sweaters. I am not a cold-natured person by design, so sweaters, jackets and lots of jeans made up much of my suitcases (I have four). I have a feeling I’ll be layering up much of my visit here. I’ve never lived anywhere but Texas, so this will likely be one of the biggest adjustments I’ll face. I’m excited to take it on though… it should be interesting!


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