My favorite dress of the evening

Second favorite dress – the beading on everything was incredible!

Sleek white jumpsuit with sheer panels and geometric beading.

The finale.

Q&A with INSTYLE’s Fashion Director Hal Rubenstein

A close-up of my fave! It weighed at least 15lbs.


Wednesday night, Tootsies, along with American Express, hosted an exclusive Alberta Ferretti runway show featuring her Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. The event was spectacular and it was great to see Houston’s finest out and about in their best attire. Yesterday (Thursday) morning, I also was given a chance to interview the designer one-on-one.

Check out the interview below and click here for pictures from it!


The Interview

MB: As you were mentioning in your Q&A with Hal Rubenstein, your Spring/Summer 2012 Collection was very inspired by your travels to South Africa and carried a variety of tribal themes. Your Philosophy collection on the other hand has what seems like a nautical theme. Where did you find your inspiration for those pieces?

AF: Actually my inspiration was the Great Gasby! As you know, they are rereleasing the film and it’s a film I’ve always loved. Not only have I loved that particular book by Fitzgerald, but I love the 20’s in general. It’s always been a fascinating era to me.

MB: Out of all of the gorgeous pieces that came down the runway last night, did you have a favorite?

AF: Actually it’s so difficult to say what my favorite is, because what goes down the runway is already a selection from a much larger collection, so those that you see in the runway show are the pieces that I feel the most and that really belong to me.

MB: Have you ever been to Houston before this week?

AF: Actually I have been here and it was approximately eight years ago for a wonderful event benefiting the opera theater. It was such a wonderful, great experience that when the opportunity arose to come back again I moved at it immediately.

MB: Everyone is getting geared up for the holidays and out buying gifts for their loved ones. What’s on the top of your wish list this season?

AF: Gosh, it’s hard to pin-point one particular gift. In this moment, my work is giving me an amazing level of satisfaction, so I don’t feel the need for anything for Christmas. My wish of course would be to spend a wonderful, peaceful Christmas at home with my family. Fundamentally I’m a traditionalist and a Christmas with my entire family is really what I want.

MB: Every woman has a few wardrobe staples that are unique to their own personal style and that they wear time after time. What are some of yours?

AF: The basic things that really create the foundation of my wardrobe, to begin with, certainly a black pant. I like to layer a tunic over the pants. For evening, certainly a long, simple and elegant dress that can be reinterpreted day in and day out with different accessories. And then of course a black dress with a coat to throw over it.

MB: In one word, how would you describe the quintessential Alberta Ferretti woman?

AF: Feminine… my woman is feminine.


{A big thank you to Alberta Ferretti, Tootsies, American Express and The PR Boutique for pulling this amazing event together!}


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