Being blind as a bat, I’m always on the lookout for attractive eyewear. Especially now, considering I haven’t replaced the glasses I’ve had since freshman year in college (I mean they are Versace, but they need to be exchanged ASAP)!

I’ve scoured the web for some special specs – hope you other blind babes out there enjoy it!

1. Coach Paulina 575 Eyeglasses in Crystal Blush – $160.91

2. Ray Ban RX RX5226 Eyeglasses in Havana – $164.88 | stylish frames with a major cat-eye to go with the huge trend right now!

3. Gucci 3010 Eyeglasses in Crystal White – $325 | clear frames are always good-looking on fair skin and against light hair, so these are ideal for me and other real blondes out there!

4. Fendi F602R Eyeglasses in color 001 – $277

5. D&G DD192 Eyeglasses in color 1704 – $119 | great splash of color on these feminine specs, feeling summery? grab a pair!

6. Catherine Deneuve CD-237 Eyeglasses in Red– $91.51

7. Tory Burch TB 2003 in Olive Fade – $122.40

8. Prada PR 03NV Eyeglasses in Ivory Trap – $176.80 | my favorites, these beautiful ivory glasses are simple, trendy and not too expensive.


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